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Floors sagging, windows jamming? Maybe you’re unsure of how to fix problems with your foundation. Perhaps you’re considering renovating your home and aren’t sure of where to start.

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Whatever your reason, foundation repairs are key to ensuring your property lasts for years. Restumping a house can improve its integrity, making it safe for a family. It takes a reliable and experienced reblocking contractor to restore the integrity of your property. Total Restumping Melbourne is reputable for providing unique reblocking solutions that strengthen your foundation and stabilize the property. Our team of reblockers is experienced in house restumping Melbourne properties for years. With good relationships that span over decades, our clients have grown to trust us, because of our professionalism. We are your go-to restumping contractor for all your restumping and foundation repairs. Give our team a call to find out how long does restumping take with our professionals. 

Reblocking Melbourne has opened doors to many homes, allowing us to serve customers faithfully. Through our friendly and professionalism, we become their go-to reblocking contractor for matters concerning foundation repairs Melbourne residents face. You too can become part of this growing family of happy customers whose lives we have impacted one stump at a time. 

Try us and see how far we can exceed your expectations. It can be a foundation problem today, but we can make you smile again tomorrow. Call us today for a free assessment!. 

What is Restumping?

Restumping, also known as reblocking, is the process of replacing old or worn-out stumps with new ones to support the foundation of the house. Most Australian homes built in the 1960s have stumps in their foundation. Over time, the house stumps deteriorate, failing to support the foundation of the property.

Once there is a fault in one or more house stumps, the underlying structure of your home  is weakened. Various house restumping techniques are used for repairing the foundation and re-levelling the floors. It takes experienced reblockers to undertake a house stump replacement projectThere are different types of house stumps that include timber stumps, concrete stumps and steel house stumps. These have different strengths and weaknesses. Generally, concrete stumps, if reinforced, last longer compared to timber and steel house stumps. Different house restumping techniques can used to achieve the best result for your home. 

Do I need restumping?

At some point, a house will require house stump repairs to strengthen the house foundation

In case you are wondering how you can tell whether it’s time for house restumping, below are some of the signs to help you know when to consider reblocking your house:

Reblocking Melbourne - The House Leveling Specialists

At Total Restumping Melbourne, we are the experts when it comes to reblocking and house levelling in Melbourne. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have completed thousands of projects, big and small. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of providing a high-quality house leveling service that is second-to-none.

We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your home is levelled correctly and safely. We also offer a 10 year warranty on all of our work, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands.

Our team has been servicing homes for years and has worked in areas such as Elwood, Mount Eliza, Brighton, and Chelsea.We know the nature of soils found in your area and will use unique techniques to restore your house’s former beauty. You can rest assured our builders have abn checked license as well. 

Whether it’s a complete house reblocking project or house leveling, call us today for a free consultation! 

What's the difference between restumping, reblocking and underpinning?

The terms underpinning, reblocking and restumping are quite common in properties and foundation repairs. They are quite similar, but are not the same. To help you understand how the terms differ, let us start by looking at the definition of the terms.  

How do I know if I need restumping, reblocking or underpinning?

The foundation on which your house is built determines whether you need restumping or underpinning. If a house is built on house stumps, its foundation repairs will require house reblocking techniques. On the other hand, a house built on a slab foundation requires underpinning to strengthen its footings.

In general, houses are built on different grounds that have different soil characteristics. Over time, the house stumps may deteriorate due to different factors such as elements of weather and any structural changes on the house. This will require a unique house  restumping solution to support the house.  

For a house built on house stumps, you may consider our services if:

The scope of the project depends on the extent of deteriorating stumps. If a few house stumps are rotting, you may consider partial reblocking, to simply replace the old worn-out stumps. If many stumps need replacement, a complete house restumping project will make your house stable for many years. The type of stumps used will determine their durability. Houses on timber stumps may need replacement after about 20 years.

A house restumping vic project should be handled by experienced reblockers, to avoid damaging the property or injuries to people. Total Restumping Melbourne is experienced in restumping projects. If you are in Elwood, St Kilda, Sandringham or Bonbeach and are wondering about house restumping costs, we can help you save more on restumping costs. We’ve even got you covered if you need a houses sub-floor rebuilds completed. 

We have a team of experienced reblockers with years of experience in reblocking properties in the Melbourne area. Our reblockers can work in all environments and know how to restump a very low house. This has earned us lots of positive “restumping Melbourne reviews” from happy customers. If you are not sure about the condition of your house, feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation call. 

Buckets used for removing soil when restumping Melbourne homes Reblocking

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Why do stumps deteriorate?

In general, houses are built on concrete, timber and steel house stumps. Each type of material has different strengths and weaknesses. It takes professional reblockers to determine the appropriate restumping material to use in particular weather conditions and soil types.   

Below are some of the common causes of stump failure:

The cost to restump a house in Melbourne is between $4000 – $20,000. House restumping costs differ from one house to another because houses are different. Below are some of the factors to consider when setting a budget for restumping your house:

  • Type of stumps – The type of material used affects the restumping costs. In general, timber stumps are cheaper compared to concrete or steel house stumps. However, it has a short lifespan, which may be costly in the long term. Therefore replacing timber stumps with steel or concrete stumps, may increase your restumping costs, but they may last for years.
  • Nature of the property – The architecture of some properties may require machinery for excavation before getting to the house stumps, which may affect the costs. Houses with easy access cost less to restump.
  • Number of stumps – If there are more stumps to be replaced, this may increase the cost of the project. Usually, full house restumping costs more compared to replacing a few house stumps.
  • Duration of the project – If a project takes more time to complete, it will affect the pricing.
  • Structural Amendments – usually there are repairs done after completing a restumping project. These may include flooring and fixing any damaged walls, which may add to the overall project cost, to restore the structural integrity of your house. 

Yes, you will need a permit  to restump a house in Melbourne. However, our team can take care of the permit acquisition process for you.  It has to be approved by the local authorities before starting any work. Also, any reblocking contractor that you hire should be registered with the VBA. Therefore, it is important to check whether you are hiring a registered contractor that is authorised to service your area, to avoid any compliance problems.

Total Restumping Melbourne only works with registered reblocking contractors, authorised to work in house restumping Melbourne.  We assist our customers to apply for reblocking project approval from the local council. We know the requirements, and how to submit winning project plans that are easily accepted without facing hiccups. This helps to speed up the project starting time. 

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If a house is built on the ground with reactive soil, house settlement will be quite common. When the reactive soil experiences shrinkage, this will affect the level of house stumps. The sinking stumps cause the floors and foundation of the house to become uneven. 


The process of correcting the level of the house is called revelling or jack and pack. As you restump your house, it is necessary to correct the level of the house and floors, to make your house structurally sound. 

Some of the reasons why you should consider floor levelling as part of your house stump replacement project:

  • If there are changes in floor levels due to a house reblocking or underpinning project. 
  • If the stumps have sagged due to settlement in areas with reactive soil.
  • There is foundation movement due to poor drainage and foundation leaks. 

Our experienced reblockers know how to restump a house. We have 5 simple steps for completing a house revelling process. These are:

 Obtaining floor levels – our team will assess the condition of your house and record your floor levels.

 Identifying weak spots – using the obtained information, we identify areas that need attention. Usually, these are areas that sunk deeper than others.

Lifting of the house – jacks are used to lift the house to the preferred level so that the floors become even.

 Installation of grade material – grade material is poured into stumps in need of attention. This will help to strengthen the surrounding soil for supporting the weight of the house.

 Confirming the new levels – The new flooring level is re-checked to see if they are now even and whether the problem has been fixed.


If you are planning to restump your house as part of the house renovation project, it is advisable to start with restumping. This makes floor leveling quite easy, paving way for any further works like installing cabinetry and tiling can be done with level floors. 


If you are not sure whether to reblock your house, we have you covered. We can inspect your house to determine whether you should reblock the house. Our reblocking experts know how to handle Melbourne restumping projects as well as helping you set a budget for such a project. Our rates are quite affordable, and the quality is unmatched.