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As a leader in restumping and foundation repairs, Melbourne Restumping is proud to extend our top-tier services to the suburb of Montrose. 

We specialise in ensuring the longevity and safety of your property through professional reblocking and restumping services, which secures your home or business from structural damage.

Signs You May Need Restumping In Montrose

The structural integrity of your building is paramount, and restumping can often be a necessary measure to ensure it. 

In Montrose, there are several indications that your property might need our services. 

  • If you notice sloping floors or cracked walls, it might be time for restumping. 
  • Doors and windows that no longer close properly can also be signs of foundation issues. 
  • If you notice any movement in the stumps themselves, it’s a clear signal. 
  • Visible rot or termite damage to stumps is another definitive sign you require restumping.

Foundation Repairs Services We Provide In Montrose

We provide a comprehensive range of foundation repair services in Montrose to cater to all types of structural issues.


Our restumping service involves replacing old timber stumps with more durable materials such as concrete or steel. This process ensures the long-term stability of your building and can prevent further structural damage.


Over time, shifts in the ground can cause buildings to become unlevelled. Our relevelling service corrects this, ensuring your home or business is level and structurally sound, providing peace of mind, and preventing future complications.

Partial Restumping

For buildings with some stumps still in good condition, we provide partial restumping services. This process involves replacing only the damaged or worn stumps, saving you unnecessary costs while still ensuring the integrity of your property.

Why Choose Our Reblocking Specialists In Montrose

Choosing Melbourne Restumping means investing in quality and expertise. Our team is highly trained and brings a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring efficient and effective work. 

We understand the unique needs of Montrose properties and tailor our solutions for reblocking in Macleod accordingly. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Comprehensive services: We offer a range of foundation repair services, ensuring we can meet any challenge your property presents.
  • Expert team: Our team has a deep understanding of structural issues and how to solve them.
  • Customer service: We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, ensuring your experience with us is seamless from start to finish.
  • Local knowledge: Our understanding of the unique conditions in Montrose allows us to provide highly effective, targeted solutions.

Invest in your property’s future with Melbourne Restumping, Montrose’s trusted experts in foundation repairs and restumping.