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Can You Restump A House Yourself? | Reblocking and Restumping

Without any prior knowledge, DIY your restumping is not recommended. The house’s integrity is very important and can only be done by trained, certified, and experienced professionals.

Incorrectly restumping a house can badly affect the footing and foundation and can create a life-threatening situation for you and your family. 

Is DIY Restumping A House Possible?

DIY is now a very popular trend with the help of the video streaming industries, like youtube. People tend to try different things shown in these DIY videos. If you are one of those curious minds, think twice before DIY restumping your house.

If you plan on restumping or reblocking in Melbourne, we can tell you many reasons why you should never try to restump your house yourself. Some of them are listed below –

Restumping Can Be Complex

It is more difficult than it appears to restump a house. The process involves a lot of safety hazards and risks, which professionals can only handle. Some of them are listed below:

  • The process is complex and technical, thus requires specialized equipment
  • Restumping is a very physically demanding job
  • Working with concrete is very difficult
  • You need to have a good understanding of the building code to make sure the job is done correctly

Restumping Can Be Dangerous (H3)

It’s a dangerous job that needs to handle with expert hands and proper tools. There are many potential hazards that can cause serious injury or even death. Some of the dangers associated with restumping:

  • Working with heavy machinery
  • Working at low-heights
  • Working with concrete

Restumping Requires Experience

It might seem simple, but it’s more of a technical job. By judging the situation, you might need to change the joist and bearer in the process. In addition, If you are not a trained, certified, and experienced professional, then you will not be able to comply with the building code. This can lead to serious compliance issues with the housing authority.

What about a warranty on restumping?

It’s very important that you get a warranty with your restumping. This will give you the peace of mind that the job has been done correctly and to a high standard. A good reblocking contractor will offer you a warranty on their workmanship and materials you can’t get yourself.

If you are unsure whether you need restumping or underpinning for your house, we have a blog where we explain – is restumping the same as underpinning? Check this blog.

Always use a reblocking contractor

As discussed, it can be a hazardous job, and to avoid any unpleasant accident, always contact a reblocking contractor for any kind of footing and foundation works.

In conclusion, we would not recommend you attempt restumping your house. The process is complex, dangerous, and can lead to compliance issues with the housing authority. Always use a certified and experienced professional. 

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